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Zebras are mysterious wanderers, druids in command of nature as well as expert alchemists. They can tame animals at will, heal themselves and others, and call upon nature to help them. They have innate magical abilities that lets them cast a variety of nature based spells, and they can search for alchemical ingredients to fuel their brewing abilities. They can grow special tree types rare to Liquestria. They are expert herbalists and are proficient in water and nature magic, making them excellent gardeners and healers.

Their talents are geared towards magic, alchemy, and summoning.



  • Learn and cast spells
  • Deal poison damage to enemies
  • [SOON] Slightly reduced damage taken
  • Herbivore (Bonus to vegetables and processed food, penalties for eating meat)



  • Spellcasting
  • Make and find alchemical ingredients
  • Draw energy from nature to fuel spells
  • [SOON] Tame animals without food
  • [SOON] Plant and grow special types of trees
  • [SOON] Unique recipes exclusive to Zebra
  • Convert cobblestone and stone brick into mossy equivalents


Playing as a Zebra

Zebras are druids who can cast nature spells and command animals in combat. As with Unicorns, setting up their spells and abilities requires a bit of patience and preparation, but once you’ve put in the effort you are rewarded with a powerful set of abilities.

In combat, Druids work best when they bring a couple of friends. Be they pets or other players, the Zebra has a set of healing spells that keeps everyone alive. They have the most powerful AoE spell in the game in Call Lightning, and combined with Entangle and Geyser they have impeccable crowd control, guaranteed to take the edge off while their pets or poisons clean up the rest.

Outside of combat, pick up herbalism and alchemy. You can grow a bunch of special trees and bushes, [SOON] convert blocks between dirt, grass, and mycelium, and you can make any potion in the game with minimal effort. You’re big on buffs, so make use of that.



Zebras can cast a variety of nature and water spells, from conjuring bolts of lightning to finding precious new water springs.

  • Click here [coming soon!] for a Spellcasting tutorial



Zebras are expert brewers and herbalists. They can search for alchemical ingredients anywhere to fuel their potions. Find some grasslands and search (right-click while not holding an item) on any flower, grass, or vegetation, and you will spend a few moments searching the area for usable ingredients for your potions. You can do this every 30 seconds.

Potion recipes and tutorials can be found on the wiki:

As a result of their alchemical skills, Zebras also poison enemies on hit. This is a passive effect and doesn’t require any mana or ingredients.


Mana is the source of magic, and is expended when you cast spells. Zebras regenerate mana over time, but they can also draw energy from the environment to do so much more quickly. While holding nothing, click on the ground with the left and right mouse button simultaneously, and stand still for a few seconds while you prepare.

Stone and moss

As druids, Zebras can turn stones into their mossy equivalents. This costs 1 seed for every block.

  • Convert Cobblestone -> Mossy cobblestone: Right-click with seeds
  • Convert Stone brick -> Mossy stone brick: Right-click with seeds



Being expert herbalists and gardeners, a Zebra can plant and grow several types of trees.

Special trees

  • [Coming soon!]

Fruit trees

  • Zebras can also plant special, ingredient-dropping trees using the well-known Appleseed plugin. The two trees currently available to Zebras are cocoa trees and golden apple trees.

    To plant one, you have to till the soil using a hoe, then plant the ingredient (cocoa or golden apple) as you would a seed. This will create a planted sapling. If you fertilize it with bonemeal, the sapling will grow into a large tree.

    A cocoa tree, for example, will drop cocoa beans over time. After some time has passed, the tree will require further fertilization before it will grow and drop more cocoa beans. You can see whether or not a tree is a cocoa tree, and whether or not it requires fertilization, by equipping a wood hoe and right-clicking on the trunk. If it requires fertilization, fertilize it with more bonemeal.

    You can also mark the trees with signs, which will automatically display what type of tree it is, and whether or not it requires fertilizer. Place a sign on the tree, and write [Appleseed] in the top line, like this:
    Minecraft plugin - Appleseed Sign
    The sign will change to display the tree type (in the case of the one in the screenshot, “apple”). This makes them easy to differentiate from the other trees near your orchard. The sign will also tell you if the tree needs fertilization – note the colour of the text. If it’s green, it’s healthy and dropping items. If it’s red, it requires fertilization in the form of bonemeal.

    Minecraft plugin - Appleseed Sign

Remember to also check out the Features page for global commands and abilities.