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Worlds of Liquestria

Minecraft Worlds: Multiverse
The Liquestria server consists of several interconnected worlds. Travel between worlds is available at the harbor, the dragon roost, and the Arcane Hub.

Your inventory is the same across all Survival worlds, and the few Creative worlds we have are separate from those. We are predominantly a survival server with classes. If you’re interested in a MLP-themed creative mode environment, is probably where you want to be.

Liquestria is more “inspired by” rather than “based on” the show and its contents, and we don’t commonly copy designs directly from the show. If you are more interested in literally creating a replica of the show, is still probably where you want to be!



Liquestria is the titular world and showcase of our server. This world – and the Valley of the Moon specifically – is a managed project, which for our server translates to “if you have build access, you can do whatever you like because we trust you.”

Minecraft Worlds: The Harbor New players need to be approved by the other members, but once vetted it is up to individuals to make the best of the place we’ve got. For instance, our creators don’t have to conform to a singular vision of aesthetics and colors, but are instead asked to apply their own tastes and personality in making their constructions, so long as they fit the general theme of the Valley — that of a medieval, high-fantasy, airship-loving, magic-sculpted, fantastical world that is the home of grand libraries, wizard’s towers, dragon roosts, and Lunar-themed equivalents of MLP:FiM.

In short, a lot of this, please! ♥

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Freebuild Worlds

For players who are looking for a change of scenery – or who just don’t want to be a part of the main showcase world – we have several Freebuild worlds for people to explore. These are all connected to each other via various forms of transportation, and build permission is mostly the same for all of them: With the exception of spawn locations, players are generally free to work on their own projects. From secret underground bases and small gardens to huge towers and pixel art displays, you can make it all as long as you follow the rules and exercise basic Minecraft etiquette.
Minecraft Worlds: Everfree The way we handle land claims across these worlds is quite different from how most servers operate. In order to own your own piece of land, you will first have to carve out a meager existence somewhere as you brave the dangers of monsters at night, lack of food and shelter, and creepers that seek to undo everything you’ve worked for. In this land, you are a pioneer.

Once you’ve established a home of some kind – anything that took a little bit of effort to create – you can talk to the Shadowbolts and ask us to set up some regions for you. We’re very happy to have you — we just want you to take the first step.


The biggest and most important of these freebuild worlds is The Everfree Forest, wherein the village of Moonwatch is surrounded by vast forests and mountains. Minecraft Worlds: The Everfree Docks Moonwatch itself requires special build permissions as it is intended to provide a safe haven and a stable place for players to stay and travel, but the forest is wild territory. Here, players work on whatever they like.

As the server expands, most of the optional expanded PvE content will take place in Everfree. This is where you will eventually see unique items and artifacts, special monsters, instanced dungeons, quests, and special events. When you choose a race and class, this world is where most of that will come into play. This new content will be siphoned in over time, and it will always remain entirely optional. For anyone who just wants to build stuff in a survival mode environment, Everfree will remain a place for players to do just that.

To get to Everfree, go to the Harbor in Liquestria and take the ship.


A world of clouds and home of the Pegasi race, Cirrus is a floating city in the clouds. For fans of the show, it’s kind of Cloudsdale with some Bioshock: Infinite leanings in terms of aesthetics, although it’s a very loose theme. Anyone can build here, but builds must meet certain requirements or they will be removed or relocated to Everfree. Besides this restriction, this world is lightly moderated, and players are free to pursue their own projects.
Minecraft Worlds: Cirrus The general idea of Cirrus is that all of the buildings, no matter the material, must at least be partially resting on a bed of “clouds” that suspend the city. Alternatively, steampunk propellers or airships, balloons, and magical creations that levitate on their own accord are also enthusiastically accepted.
Think of greek columns, classical architecture mixed with fantasy, and some light steampunk elements through airships and machines, and you have a pretty good idea of what Cirrus will look like.
Let your imagination soar.
I’m so sorry. I’ll hit myself.
To get to Cirrus, go to the harbor in Liquestria and take the airship, or visit the dragon roost and hitch a ride with a black dragon.

The Eyrie

The Griffons make their home high in the mountainous spires of the Eyrie. This is a place for vast spires, for platforms and buildings on sheer cliff walls, and for fantastical constructions draped in white and gold. This is the Griffon Empire.

Minecraft Worlds: The Eyrie

…or at least it would be if we had any time for it.

As with Cirrus, the only real caveat is that buildings must meet certain requirements or they will be removed or relocated to Everfree. Besides this restriction, this world is very lightly moderated, and players are free to pursue their own projects. Eventually we will probably get around to doing something more official with it, but small time as we are, it’s not likely going to become a major project any time soon. It’s there for people who want an amplified world, a place where they have an excuse to go big and glorious with their constructions without it looking out of place.
The basic rules of The Eyrie is that it should be built into the sheer cliffs of the land unless there’s a specific reason not to, it should preferably be big and grand, and it needs to be generally colorful. White and gold make the most thematic sense for the Griffon homelands, but as long as the facade has some colorful banners or impressive gardens it’ll be perfect for The Eyrie. Lastly, the closer things are to spawn, the better it should look.
To get to the Eyrie, go to the harbor and take the airship.

The Moon

The Moon is where we banish problem players to, an in-joke from MLP. Currently off-limits to players, but it will eventually be open for construction.
To get to the moon, sufficiently annoy Princess Luna.

Utility Worlds

These are worlds that exist for a specific purpose. They are not “build” project worlds, so different (read: fewer) rules apply.


Minecraft Worlds: Mines Need a metric assload of materials? The Mines world is open for you to bulldoze to the ground. Bring TNT or your best pickaxe and go completely nuts. This is the one world where we’re happier if you do completely destroy the landscape.

Note: we may reset this world once in a while. Anything you make here will be transient.
To get to the mines, take the waypoint on the lower floor of the Arcane Hub.


Certain constructions are not allowed in our primary worlds because they fall under the “no big eye sores” rule. This includes huge mob grinders and prismarine generators. If you want to set up a gigantic project for collecting materials, Industrial is where you want to be. Unlike the Mines world it will not be periodically reset. If you do make a large eye-sore construction in this world, be warned that the Shadowbolts – in a fit of absolute boredom – may drop by one day and make it look a bit more presentable. It is on the dynamic map, after all.
To get to the industrial world, take the waypoint on the lower floor of the Arcane Hub.


Minecraft Worlds: Blueprints A small creative world where people can create and fine-tune their upcoming projects before they start making them in one of our standard worlds. Simply find a plot of land and start building.
We will region stuff for you if you ask, but it is not intended to be permanent. It’s there as an experimental building tool and nothing more. Once projects have been completed in the primary worlds, we will usually wipe any relevant Blueprint schematics so that we can re-use that space for something else. If you are looking for a creative server, we are not currently set up to offer that experience.
To get to the blueprints world, take the waypoint on the lower floor of the Arcane Hub.

The Old World

Minecraft Worlds: The Old World
Liquestria has been around since Minecraft 1.0.0. The Old World is where we started. The map has since been archived and can no longer be modified, but players can wander around and look at our meager beginnings. A lot of great memories were made there.

To get to the old world, take the waypoint on the lower floor of the Arcane Hub.

Travel Between Worlds

Arcane Hub

The Arcane Hub

The Arcane Hub is located in the center of the Valley of the Moon, and is a nexus that connects many of the more esoteric planes. Here, Waypoints to the Mines, Industrial, Blueprints, and the Old World can be found. Step onto a platform to be instantly transported.

Minecraft Worlds: The Harbor


The harbor at the south of the Valley is a port of call for ships from all over the world of Liquestria. Ships offer passage to Everfree, and airships can take you to Cirrus and the Eyrie. Check the noticeboard at the harbor and board your ship of choice.

Dragon Roost

[Coming soon!] While dragons are mostly used to travel across the Valley of the Moon, dragons can also take you to Cirrus — if they’re feeling generous. Find the Compass Stone and touch it to summon your ride.