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Unicorns are students of magic. They can learn and cast a wide range of spells, and they can create items and artifacts based on their knowledge and understanding of magic. They begin the game with few spells, but can learn over three dozen — some entertaining but mostly niche, and some that are very useful and powerful. They can command the elements, move items at range, and travel long distances with an effort of will and power. They are commonly called upon to create waypoints and enchanted items.

Their talents are geared towards all things magical.



  • [TEMPORARILY REMOVED] Can place blocks from far away
  • [SOON] Elemental damage reduction
  • Herbivore (Bonus to vegetables and processed food, penalties for eating meat)



  • Spellcasting
  • Can study the art of magic to gain experience
  • Can draw energy from the environment to fuel spells
  • Can use magic to search for precious gems
  • [SOON] Enchant items more efficiently
  • [SOON] Craft powerful artifacts
  • [SOON] Archiving and library maintenance


Playing as a Unicorn

A Unicorn has access to an incredibly diverse set of skills and spells that lets them explore, fight monsters, construct buildings, and set up all kinds of utilities and assets for other players. They can cast an array of fun and interesting spells, but using them properly requires study and preparation.

While you can play them just fine without spending much time learning how their abilities work, you will need to put in some effort if you want to know and understand everything they are capable of. The initial setup takes a bit of time, and you have to accumulate new spells over time, but for your efforts you are rewarded with being able to empower weapons and tools, teleport across maps and worlds, and launch glowing globes of energy that explode with electricity.


The main feature of the class is the spellcasting. You start off with seven spells, and can learn over two dozen as of writing, with more being added frequently.

  • Click here [coming soon!] for a Spellcasting tutorial



Unicorns are expert enchanters. They have an easy time getting the levels necessary for enchanting, and they have access to a second, more potent version of the enchanting table which lets them create specific items and artifacts that are more powerful than the standard stock.

The script that fuels this system is unique to our server, and is being rewritten and updated for 1.8. It may take some time before it’s done.

  • Click here [coming soon!] for an Enchanting tutorial



Any Unicorn can “farbuild”. By crouching and right-clicking, they are able to place blocks from up to 9 blocks away, helping them place walls and fixtures without scaffolding. This is a passive ability and requires no mana.
[TEMPORARILY REMOVED] This was a spell from the MagicSpells plugin which we simply called on to do all the grunt work for this feature. Unfortunately the spell has a very problematic bug which causes it to overwrite blocks. It was so broken we had to remove it. We will code our own version of this eventually, but it is not a priority.


Mana is the source of magic, and is expended when you cast spells. Unicorns regenerate mana over time, but they can also draw energy from the environment to do so much more quickly. While holding nothing, click on the ground with the left and right mouse button simultaneously, and stand still for a few seconds while you prepare.


One of the most useful abilities a Unicorn can learn is the art of finding valuable ores and gems. Once you have learned the spell to do this, type /c gems (or bind it to a wand item as usual). This will temporarily give you a vision of any valuable ores in close proximity to you.

Study of Magic

Unicorns occasionally spend a lot of time enchanting, crafting, and creating assets for other players. To gain the experience necessary to do this, they can study the art of magic. Simply visit any library, town hall, or bookstore that has a study section with magical tomes.

Remember to also check out the Features page for global commands and abilities.