Snowframe fears no pain

Server staff and moderators


  • Cane – owner, programmer, walking stick
  • Raelbow – tester, editor, nuclear backwards
  • StarDragon – TNT aficionado, nuclear forwards
  • Tee – systems administrator, earth pony
  • Shadowbolts

  • Camail – world digger, moderator
  • Jhuyt – world builder, moderator
  • Whitewing – game designer, moderator
  • Former staff

  • Aranarth – idle
  • Requiem – idle

What you can expect from staff

Liquestria has a few active administrators and moderators, called Alicorns and Shadowbolts on our server. Alicorns are top level admins, and they can access most of the plugins and scripts in order to fix any problems that might occur. Shadowbolts are moderators who are able to manage players, regions, and additional plugins. Most of the time, if not for the staff prefixes in game chat you probably wouldn’t even know we were there.

If you follow the basic rules of the server (usually summed up as “don’t be a jerk”), and the rules of the world you are building in (which tend to be thematic requirements), you’re free to build whatever cool stuff you like without intervention from any staff members. Apart from the immediate spawn locations of each world, and the primary showcase world, it’s all yours. We want to emphasize that our server is, at its heart, very much like a regular Minecraft survival server. Our Alicorns are usually around to fix problems and take care of things as necessary. Any bit of functionality you want to take advantage of on top of that is completely optional.

A perfect example of this: land claims and ownership.

We have no automated area or chest protection. The reason for this approach is because it lets people easily collaborate with other players and contribute to projects. Liquestria is a community server where players are neighbours and friends who know each other. Our application process deters disruptive players, and our logging and rollback tools can undo any theft or vandalism in ten seconds flat. Princess Luna, by Wicklesmack That said, some players prefer to exercise actual ownership over their builds so that they don’t have to rely on us if there is ever an issue. No problem! We’ll set up protected regions for you per request, and grant you full ownership of your work.

Your builds on this server are permanent and transferable. If you later decide to move elsewhere and desire to bring your builds with you, we will save any of your projects as WorldEdit schematics and email them to you. Contact Cane in-game.

Despite the server’s cartoon theme, this is not a place for kids to run around and do whatever they like. It is run by mature adults primarily for other members of our community, and while we welcome everyone with a great deal of enthusiasm, we would like them to wipe their feet on the mat before they come in. We won’t prohibit entry based on age, but we reserve the right to do so based on maturity.

We won’t /give you items. We won’t /give you items if you die in lava. This is primarily a survival mode server, and that includes our showcase world. Hard work is part of the tale, and once you’ve clawed your way out of another pit and erected the final diamond block of the beacon atop your shrine of glory, you’ll feel as though you’ve actually accomplished something.

The above includes our Shadowbolts and Alicorns as well. None of us have the ability to spawn in items, none of us can “cheat” to circumvent survival mode. Doing so would ruin the entire point of playing on this gamemode. The Shadowbolts – our server’s moderators – only have moderator power when something needs to be done. At any other time, they have the exact same classes and permissions that you do. You can tell if someone is using their Shadowbolt powers because their chat colours and prefix tag change.

Alicorns – the top level server admins – can’t cheat either. They simply have the combined permissions and abilities of all the other races, united into one race for testing purposes. This means that any spell cooldowns wizards have, Alicorns have also. Any limitations are inherited.
Princess Luna in her blocky sky bucket.The only exception is if we are also in an additional “Admin” mode on top of that, where (again) our chat colour and prefix tag is different. Usually, I (Cane) will be in this mode because I’m coding, and I need admin access to load the new scripts and fun stuff into the server. However, whenever I am actually building something I am a regular Alicorn like all the other administrators.

No, you can’t pick Alicorn for your class, but you can hang out in our clubhouse. It’s in a secret closet on the moon.