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Rules and Permissions

Liquestria is fairly relaxed when it comes to arbitrary rules. As long as you follow basic Minecraft etiquette and common sense, you’ll fit right in.

For the sake of transparency and accountability, we offer this list of rules and permissions for people who want to get a better idea of what we’re about.


  • Don’t destroy the landscape on a large scale
    • If you need huge amounts of materials, go to the Mines world and go nuts
    • Ditto for Prismarine generators. We have set up a collector in the Industrial world
    • Don’t make any giant eye sores. Giant cubes, stretches of flattened land, drained lakes
  • Don’t make redstone clocks or mechanisms that lag the server
  • Build according to the general themes of the world that you are in
    • Read the Worlds pages for specific thematic information
    • Only Everfree is fully freebuild, and even there we prohibit giant eye sores
  • If on a managed project, confer with other players before you undertake any major builds. We don’t want you to waste your time by making something we ultimately cannot accommodate
  • Common sense rules the day in Liquestria

Rules: No fun allowed!


The worlds of Everfree, Cirrus, The Eyrie, The Mines, Industrial, and Blueprints are all open to anyone who has been accepted as a member. Players are free to build anywhere outside of spawn, so long as they follow basic Minecraft etiquette (below) and any world-specific rules or themes.

All spawn locations within those worlds, and any immediate town areas around spawn (such as the village of Moonwatch in Everfree) are WorldGuarded, and special permission is required to build there. These locations are intended to be safe havens in their respective worlds, a place where people can gather to meet and to travel. If you want to help us design and build these locations, contact us in-game and we’ll talk! We’re always happy to have new people on board for our managed projects.

The main showcase world of Liquestria is our main managed project. Anyone can travel through the Valley of the Moon and use its services, but only people with special permission are allowed to build there. If you want to participate in Liquestria you will have to talk to us about it, preferably on our Discord server so that we can coordinate better. You also need to show that you can build something that looks decent. If accepted, it will be your project as well as ours, and you can work on whatever project you want to tackle. See the Worlds pages for more information.

Minecraft Etiquette

When playing on a Minecraft server, there are a few basic things you should adhere to. Pretty much all of them boil down to common courtesy, or at least fall under the golden rule.

1. Be friendly

If this is your first time in our server and you want to stay, say hello. You’re not joining a multiplayer game to be completely solitary, and being friendly when you join lets us know that you’re probably not here to cause trouble.

2. Read the rules and any information given to you

They’re short, they’re sweet, they boil down to “don’t be a dick” with a few world-specific rules thrown in for good measure. We’ll answer questions in-game, but we’ll probably grumble about it if you could have simply found the answers in our Features page, Races page, Worlds page, or FAQ.

3. Be a decent human being

Basic golden rule stuff: don’t be abrasive to other people, and don’t take items from other players without their prior permission. In any multiplayer setting there will usually be some players you get along with better than others. Just try to maintain a good atmosphere and avoid altercations.

4. Don’t build in other people’s back yard without permission

This is the most essential bit of etiquette. Give each other room to breathe and expand. Always treat your neighbour like someone who lives near to you.

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