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Liquestria Resource Pack

Our resource pack is optional. Liquestria is fully playable on a vanilla Minecraft client, and we take care to keep ourselves compatible and comparable. We want everyone to be able to connect, regardless of system.
But our client pack looks like this:

Minecraft - Liquestria Library pony statue

Resource pack information

The Liquestria Client Pack features atmospheric sounds and music for the server, easy-to-install shaders, and several client mods which improve server accessibility. Our client pack also includes the JS Liquestria resource pack. If you do not want the extras offered by the client pack, the resource pack is available as a separate download.


Both the client and the resource packs are fully functional, but you have to install them manually.


Installation Instructions (Manual Install)

These instructions can also be found in a .txt file within the Client Pack archive.
This is intended for a clean install of Minecraft. Copying the folders will overwrite existing configs for the Keyboard Macros Mod and DaFlight; if you have your own configs for these you should back them up and do a full clean install anyway. I am not going to offer any support to people who install these mods out of order; you’re on your own.

No one has ever had a client pack installation problem that could not have been solved by reading this document carefully. Read through it completely before you ask for help.

Download the client pack, unzip the archive anywhere, and then:
1. Launch Minecraft at least once using 1.8 (not 1.8.1)

  • In the launcher, click Edit Profile
  • Under “Use version:”, select “release 1.8”
  • Launch the game to download the necessary files
  • Exit the game and launcher

2. Run fml-1.8- and install normally

  • No need to change anything, make sure it’s on “Client” and install
  • If WINRAR interferes: Right-click -> “Open in…” -> Java.

3. Run liteloader-installer-1.8.0-00-SNAPSHOT.exe (or .jar)

  • From “Extend from” drop-down menu, select “1.8-FML8.0.20.1023-1.8”
  • Click OK

4. Copy all folders into your root .minecraft folder to get the configs, shaders, and resource pack

  • (liteconfig, mods, resourcepacks, shaderpacks)
  • Note: This includes OptiFine, Shaders, and all the LiteLoader mods

5. Launch Minecraft with the “LiteLoader 1.8 with FML” profile
6. Go to Esc -> Options -> Video Settings -> Quality

  • Turn OFF “Connected Textures”

7. Configure controls (there are going to be duplicates from the mods)

  • In particular, change Q (Drop) and E (Inventory) to something else
  • (I use G for drop and I for inventory, but it’s up to you)
  • To configure fly mod controls (or disable it, if you can’t fly):
  • Esc -> LiteLoader tab (top right) -> DaFlight -> Settings

8. Go to Options -> Resource Packs

  • Activate “JS Liquestria v20h” by clicking on it

9. Go to Options -> Shaders

  • Select your shader of choice, if any. This is very resource heavy, and will tank your framerate unless you have a very good PC.
  • We can highly recommend:
    • Robobol221s shaders
    • SEUS
    • B-v2


In-game setup and video settings

Once in-game, you need to see what your computer can handle.
1. Options -> Video Settings -> Render Distance: 32 Extreme

  • If you are experiencing hitching or stutters, lower this to 16 or even 10.
  • If you are experiencing frame lag, turn off shaders, then lower render distance

2. Options -> Video Settings -> Max Framerate: VSync or Unlimited

  • If your FPS is frequently dropping below your refresh rate, you may want to try VSync. Otherwise, Unlimited may be the way to go. YMMV.

3. Use VBOs: ON

  • If you have FPS problems, this MIGHT help, but it is more likely not going to do anything. YMMV.

4. Put the following JVM arguments in your profile (copy-paste the line):
-Xmx1G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn128M

  • (This should help with stutters, hitching, and generally improve
    the smoothness of your game client. Once again, YMMV.)

Do NOT activate Anisotropic Filtering, Antialiasing, or really anything in the Video Settings -> Quality Tab. It is not compatible with a lot of things right now and is likely to mess up your textures if you try. Anisotropic especially will make most textures appear incorrectly. You can give it a shot if you want to – it won’t kill your game – but if you start seeing graphical glitches you know where to look for the culprit.


If your client keeps crashing:
1. If you are on a x64 system, make sure you have Java 64-bit

  • Click Start
  • Under search, type “cmd.exe”
  • In the command line interface, type “java -version”
  • You should get a response like this:
    • C:\Users\You>java -version
    • java version “1.8.0_31”
      Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_31-b13)
      Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.31-b07, mixed mode)

2. If you don’t have 64-bit Java, install it

3. Double check your Java version. If it’s 64-bit, try to play.
I CANNOT EMPHASISE THIS ENOUGH: If your system is 64-bit, you need 64-bit Java. This is step 1 to make sure your client can handle OptiFine, shaders, and everything else we throw at it.

NOTE: If you are not computer savvy enough to know how to uninstall software from your computer, I am not going to offer any support on setting up your Minecraft client; you’re on your own. Likewise if you don’t even know if you are on a 32-bit or 64-bit system. (Hint: You can find out with Start -> dxdiag.exe)

If you are still having problems:

Contact Cane in-game, and be very patient with me because I spent a lot of time making these instructions crystal clear and testing them with several people before releasing this, so if you come to me with problems I will help you only if I think I can. It is my opinion that you should not even be messing with client mods if you don’t know what you’re doing, much less if you don’t know how computers work.


Minecraft: Everfree, Liquestria. Screenshot taken with the JS Liquestria resource pack.

Minecraft: Eyrie, Liquestria. Screenshot taken with the JS Liquestria resource pack.

Minecraft: Cirrus, Liquestria. Screenshot taken with the JS Liquestria resource pack.

Minecraft Builder's Album for the Liquestria server
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