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My Little Pony - Pegasus Icon
Pegasi can fly, and in the world of Minecraft this is likely the most useful ability you can imagine. Pegasi are well suited for building constructions in the sky, and have the ability to prevent blocks from falling to the ground while they work. They can change the weather at will, and even call down storm clouds that strike enemies with lightning from above. They make excellent scouts, and can quickly travel very large distances in search of rare materials like glowstone, clay, or pumpkins.

Their talents are geared towards speed, construction, and exploration.



  • Can fly
  • Zero fall damage
  • Herbivore (Bonus to vegetables and processed food, penalties for eating meat)



  • Command the weather
  • Command storms and lightning bolts
  • Create white wool at will
  • Break wool very quickly
  • Dye placed wool
  • Harvest glowstone without silk touch
  • Can use winds to pick up blocks from further away


Playing as a Pegasus

Just take to the skies! Flight is the most generally useful ability in Minecraft, and as a Pegasus you are very good at it. Building, exploring, mining, and fighting — you can do all of it proficiently and safely. If you’ve ever played creative mode, you know what’s up.

Once you get used to the flight controls, start looking at a few of the neat abilities you get as a Pegasus. For starters, you are a master cloudworker, and in Minecraft that translates to – for lack of a better option – wool. You can spawn it, dye it, and break it better than everyone else, and you can even place a wool block mid-air without the need for a supporting block. You can generate winds that help you pick up blocks from a wider radius. And then, once you get bored, you can turn the weather stormy and start throwing lightning bolts — because you are a Pegasus, and that means that you are awesome.


There are currently two ways to access the power of flight on our server:

  1. The DaFlight fly mod, included in our optional client download pack
  2. In-game creative-style flight using the command /f

Main differences between client mod and creative style:

  • Creative style is available out-of-the-box for normal, unmodded Minecraft clients, whereas the client mod requires a download and installation
  • Client mod has customizable speeds (up to the server speed limit)
  • Key bindings are different
    • Client mod uses F to engage fly mode, space & shift to ascend & descend, and E to activate speed boost. Keys are customizable.
    • Creative style flight uses already-existing keybindings to function: double jump (jump while in mid-air) to engage fly mode, then jump/crouch to ascend/descend.
  • Creative style is “floaty”. The client mod offers sharp movement and better accuracy

Other fly mods may or may not work. If your favorite one does not work and you would like it to, contact Cane in-game. We may be able to enable it.

Command weather

You can change the weather using a /command line:

  • /sun
  • /storm


Lightning Bolt

Pegasi can call powerful bolts of lightning. They can only do this while outside and during a storm. To summon a bolt of lightning, either use the corresponding key in the optional Macro/Keybind Mod included in the client download, or bind the ability to an item by holding it in your hand and typing /c bind lightningbolt. You can then left-click to activate it. We recommend using a non-block item, like sticks, blaze rods, and the like.

Cloud expert

To simulate manipulating clouds to make cloud buildings, Pegasi can generate wool. Right-click while holding shears to generate a stack. You can do this every 20 seconds.

Pegasi can also dye placed wool. Hold any dye and right-click a placed wool block to dye it. This consumes 1 dye per block.


To prevent blocks from falling away into the abyss when working on sky constructions, Pegasi can call upon the wind to help them. Type /wind in chat to create a gust that will scoop up nearby blocks and whirl then towards you. Skilled Pegasi can even keep items afloat for long periods of time.

Sonic Rainboom

Legends speak of Pegasi that could fly so fast that they create shockwaves in their wake…

Remember to also check out the Features page for global commands and abilities.