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My Little Pony - Griffon Icon
Griffons are uncommonly seen in the world of Liquestria, as their home is the faraway mythical lands known as The Eyrie. They are proficient flyers and expert archers, agile warriors who are able to evade almost any attack. They have an affection for all things scintillating, with a particular fervor for gold which they craft into special regalia and armor as only a Griffon can. Griffons are immune to poison, they can see in the dark, and – Uniquely among the inhabitants of Liquestria – they are actually omnivorous.

Their talents are geared towards mobility and speed, exploration, fighting, and construction.



  • Can fly
  • Zero fall damage
  • Chance to dodge
  • Master Archery
  • Higher damage with bows
  • Darkvision
  • Immunity to poison
  • [SOON] Higher chance to find gold
  • [SOON] Higher chance to find artifacts
  • Omnivore (Bonus when eating meat and cooked meat, less benefit from vegetables)
  • [SOON] More drops from monsters


  • [SOON] Combo abilities
  • [SOON] Goldsmithing
  • Voice
    • Battle Roar
    • Stun
  • Archery
    • Multishot
    • Strafe


Playing as a Griffon

Spread your wings! Flight is the most powerful tool in Minecraft, and as a Griffon you are one of two races with that ability. If you’ve ever played creative mode, you know what’s up.

Griffons are exceptional fighters. You have a passive chance to evade attacks, you can chain attacks together in combat, and take on multiple monsters at once using special finishing moves. You are the best archer in Liquestria, able to unleash volleys of arrows very quickly, so you would be wise to pick up a good bow when you find one. Your voice is also a deadly ally in combat, able to stun or throw enemies away from you.

[SOON] Gold is very valuable to you. You can use it, smelt it, refine it, and craft it better than the other races, greatly increasing its usefulness.


There are currently two ways to access the power of flight on our server:

  1. The DaFlight fly mod, included in our optional client download pack
  2. In-game creative-style flight using the command /f

Main differences between client mod and creative style:

  • Creative style is available out-of-the-box for normal, unmodded Minecraft clients, whereas the client mod requires a download and installation
  • Client mod has customizable speeds (up to the server speed limit)
  • Key bindings are different
    • Client mod uses F to engage fly mode, space & shift to ascend & descend, and E to activate speed boost. Keys are customizable.
    • Creative style flight uses already-existing keybindings to function: double jump (jump while in mid-air) to engage fly mode, then jump/crouch to ascend/descend.
  • Creative style is “floaty”. The client mod offers sharp movement and better accuracy

Other fly mods may or may not work. If your favorite one does not work and you would like it to, contact Cane in-game. We may be able to enable it.


Griffons are very agile by nature, and they have a passive chance to dodge in combat. This chance is increased while they are moving, and increased even further by wearing golden armor.

Combo Abilities

Griffons will be able to string together combos in battle to execute special finishing moves that deal more damage or affect multiple enemies. Simple ones include blocking an attack and immediately counter-attacking, causing enemies to stagger. Complex ones are combinations of button presses that result in a much more powerful finishing move. This system is currently in progress but has not yet been added to the main world. High lag may cause problems executing moves for some players, and we are working to mitigate that.

Power of Voice

Griffons can tap into their animal halves and use their voice to intimidate and command their foes.

  • Roar
  • Call upon your Lion half to hurl enemies away from you. Crouch down and click both mouse buttons at the same time, and watch your enemies fly.

  • Screech
  • Call upon your Eagle half to stun a single target with a high-pitched cry. Click both mouse buttons at an enemy in range.



Griffons are expert archers, able to release volleys of arrows in seconds. While wielding a bow, left-click to switch between your bow abilities, and right-click to fire. You must pull the string back far enough for the effect to work.

  • Multishot
  • Splits one arrow into several that spread out in front of you.

  • Strafe
  • Fires a volley of arrows in rapid succession.



[SOON] As a Griffon, you have a mastery over finding and smelting gold. Monsters drop gold items and nuggets more often, mining gold ore gives you experience, and almost any golden item can be smelted down into ingots. Gold items you create have greater durability, and you gain bonuses for using them. In most cases diamond is still stronger, but gold is more in your style.


Remember to also check out the Features page for global commands and abilities.