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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Liquestria


Is this a role-play server?

Nope, we just build things.

Do you build things from the show?

Not usually. Liquestria is “inspired by” rather than “based on” the show. We don’t want to be confined to do only the kind of stuff you see on the show. That’s why you’ll see ancient temple style constructions, medieval period buildings, a greater emphasis on airships, dragons as willing steeds, and grand towers of sorcery rather than modern railroad tracks or, well, Manehattan. You can consider it an alternate universe if you want; we just consider it a fun little Minecraft server. In short: it’s a non-canonical Lunar equivalent of Celestia’s realm. It’s a loose theme.

If you’d rather emulate the show entirely, is probably where you want to be.

Can I make pixel art?

Only in Everfree, unless it’s a giant tapestry or banner that makes sense for the area or building.

Can I make [x]?

The FAQ has limited space, so please read the Worlds pages for any thematic information. If it’s not appropriate on the other worlds, it has to go in Everfree. We don’t much care as long as it’s not a big eye sore, although we will draw the line if people start making sci-fi ships and cities.

Can we set up a world where [x] is acceptable?

If there is enough interest, yes! We won’t do it for just one or two people, however — worlds take up a lot of hard drive space. This leads into:

Would you consider adding [x] to the server?

If there is something you feel is missing from the server, take it up with us in-game. If we like your idea, chances are high that we will try to implement it. Likewise if it’s something a lot of people want. Not much is out of reach for us; we do our own programming and can produce some really fun things if given enough time.

Do you have a creative world?

Not really. We have a Blueprints world, but it’s transient. People use it to test constructions before they build them on the survival maps, and once they’re done, the relevant blueprint builds will likely be wiped to make room for new things. If you’re interested in a creative mode setting, is probably where you want to be.

Why do you link to the TeamLiquid forums? Why don’t you have your own?

TeamLiquid is where most of our community first met. It started off as a thread, then an IRC, with all kinds of community events to follow. The Minecraft server came later, the result of Requiem saying “Say, why don’t we have our own Minecraft server?”

We may add a forum at a later date, but there is no need for it right now. We would rather have one somewhat active thread than a mostly empty forum. If we attract enough players, this may change.

Can I have your configs so that I can host my own version of this? Is there a tutorial or download for setting up my own MLP server?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Hi, my name is Cane and I’m writing this FAQ.

Unfortunately, there is little I can do to help you. There is no download button for “Minecraft server with fully fleshed out classes and abilities”, and there certainly isn’t one for My Little Pony. Instead, this server is a special combination of a thousand different things.

Our server – everything on it – is the result of countless hours of hard work in programming and customization of plugins, careful attention to details, and a genuine interest in fixing problems and making things work. There’s hardly a single plugin we use that I haven’t tweaked or customized in some way to better fit our theme and style, and we’re still adding new things every month. I myself have spent countless hours on this project as a long-standing, multi-year hobby.

For the same reason, I hope you can understand why I’m going to have to give an empathic “no” to the question of giving anyone our configs. Even if I did, you would still need to learn how to set it up properly, and how to configure it. It might be easier to simply start from scratch to ensure that you get the gaming experience you’re after.

So what’s with all the Luna?

She’s kind of our server mascot. Look. She made a sky bucket.

Luna in her Sky Bucket!

Please. Don’t break the sky bucket.

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