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Earth Pony

My Little Pony - Earth Pony Icon

Earth Ponies are the workhorses, athletic and strong. They deal more damage and take less damage than the other races, and they can jump longer distances and carry more weight (almost double the normal inventory space). They also have access to a variety of tools, such as the portable workbench and repair block. They can grow and farm apple trees, which provide most of the food for Liquestria.

Their talents are geared towards mining, farming, woodcutting, melee combat, and construction.



  • Deal more damage on a regular hit
  • Take less damage from all sources
  • Greatly reduced fall damage
  • Higher movement speed
  • Jump higher and further
  • Break all blocks faster
  • Mine ore much faster
  • Can hold their breath for longer
  • Herbivore (Bonus to vegetables and processed food, penalties for eating meat)
  • [SOON] More experience gained from mining
  • [SOON] More experience gained from killing monsters
  • [SOON] Better repair functionality



  • Carry and use a backpack
  • Carry and use a portable workbench
  • [SOON] Repair damaged equipment using alternative methods
  • Plant and tend apple trees which drop apples over time
  • Stoneworker – convert and carve stones for building
    • Cobblestone -> Mossy cobblestone
    • Stone brick -> Mossy stone brick
    • Stone brick -> Cracked stone brick
    • Stone brick -> Chiselled stone brick
  • Can dig grass, mycelium, and snow blocks without silk touch


Playing as an Earth Pony

Earth Ponies are athletic and strong. They move faster, break blocks faster, and jump higher than the other races, all without needing that fancy schmancy magic or those cheater wings of some ponies we could mention. They are the kings and queens of passive traits, and as a result they are easy and intuitive to play. Have you played vanilla Minecraft? This is that, but crunchier.


Most of the Earth Pony traits are passive, which means they always function without your input. Faster block breaking, faster mining, faster movement, increased underwater breathing — these are all passive skills.

A few of their abilities can be activated and deactivated. For instance, to jump higher, you have to sprint to activate athletic mode. Once done, you can jump far higher and further than normal. To toggle athletic mode off, just crouch and you will return to normal.


As an Earth Pony, you have almost double the inventory space of everyone else in the form of a backpack whose contents you cannot lose by dying. This backpack comes equipped with a portable workbench.
Key bindings (if you have downloaded the Liquestria Client Pack):

  • B – opens the backpack
  • V – opens the workbench

If you are not using the Macro/Keybind Mod, type these commands in chat:

  • /b – opens the backpack
  • /w – opens the workbench


Item Repair

Earth Ponies can repair items for much cheaper than the other races, and they keep the enchants when they do. Earth Pony blacksmiths are the best in the realm. [NOTE: Repair functionality under repair. We will update this once it’s ready.]


Earth Ponies are expert craftsmen, and masters of working with stone. In addition to breaking stone faster than other races, they can carve or chisel stone bricks naturally, letting them create great looking stone structures on the fly.

  • Convert Cobblestone -> Mossy cobblestone: Right-click with seeds
  • Convert Stone brick -> Mossy stone brick: Right-click with seeds
  • Convert Stone brick -> Cracked stone brick: Left-click with flint
  • Convert Stone brick -> Chiselled stone brick: Right-click with flint
  • Convert any special stone brick -> normal Stone Brick: Right-click with pickaxe


Apple trees & farming

Earth Ponies are also expert farmers, and they can plant apple trees via the well-known Appleseed plugin. Apples are the most desirable food source in Liquestria, and our farmers work hard to keep us supplied.

To plant an apple tree, you have to till the soil using a hoe, then plant the apple as you would a seed. This will create a planted sapling of an apple tree. If you fertilize it with bonemeal, it will grow into a large apple tree.

The apple trees drop apples over time. After some time has passed, the tree will require further fertilization before it will grow more apples. You can see whether or not a tree is an Apple tree, and whether or not it requires fertilization, by equipping a wood hoe and right clicking on the trunk. If it requires fertilization, fertilize it with more bonemeal.

You can also mark the trees with signs, which will automatically display what type of tree it is, and whether or not it requires fertilizer. Place a sign on the tree, and write [Appleseed] in the top line, like this:Minecraft - Appleseed Plugin Sign
The sign will change to display the tree type (in our case, “apple”). This makes them easy to differentiate from the other trees near your orchard. The sign will also tell you if the tree needs fertilization – note the colour of the text. If it’s green, it’s healthy and dropping items. If it’s red, it requires fertilization in the form of bonemeal.

Minecraft - Appleseed Plugin Sign

Remember to also check out the Features page for global commands and abilities.