Snowframe fears no pain
Donate to our Minecraft server!

Donate an optional amount of money to our server

As a Minecraft community, we are in a very good, and very stable position. Our particular server costs are fair, and will remain so for as long as we remain a small community. All our work is spent willingly because this is a hobby that we love working on. In short, we’re fine.

That said, we are also very small-time. We don’t advertise, and our server gets around purely by word of mouth or random Google searches. Minecraft servers are not exactly cheap to run, either. We are lucky that we have members who are able to commit time and money to keep us going, and we have fallback plans if our current system falls through. If we took things a little less seriously, our server would be hosted on someone’s personal computer, with all the lag that entails.

If you like the server enough that you want to donate some money to help cover our running costs, we will greatly appreciate it but never expect it. The money will go directly to paying our service provider for the cost of running the server.

We refuse to deny access to server features for people who are unable or unwilling to spend money on our server. There are no real donation incentives as of writing, and if we ever include any, they will be entirely cosmetic. Donating to the server should be a voluntary thing, something you do because you want to help our community.

I may update this page with a live tracker later for the sake of transparency. As of right now it’s pretty unimportant as we don’t expect to get much traffic.

Best wishes to you from all of us here in Liquestria!


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