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Derpy Hooves trying to apply to our Minecraft server. That's odd. It was here a minute ago...
If you want to play in Liquestria, you need to apply for build permissions. Our server does not make use of land claims or grief protection in the traditional sense. Instead, new members simply need to visit our club house and introduce themselves to us.

Over the years, this basic vetting process has aided our search for good players. We have found that players who are willing to spend a few minutes just to say hello tend to be the type of person who is genuinely searching for a good place to stay. Conversely, players who couldn’t be bothered tended to be the neglectful and irresponsible kind we didn’t want around in the first place.

Note: You only need to apply if you want build permissions on our Minecraft server! Liquestria is open to all visitors who just want to take a look around.

Apply to our Minecraft server

If you want to play and participate, you need to either:

  1. Be a TeamLiquid and/or #tlponies regular (in which case just PM me on TL or in IRC), or
  2. Join the server and talk to us about it, or
  3. Apply for build permissions by using the contact form below

If you are filling in the application below, we will need:

  • Your Minecraft name (exactly and in full, so that we can find you and add you)
  • What class you want to play as (you will be allowed to change this later if you want)
  • The phrase Liquestria Application placed in the proper box to prove you are not a bot
  • A brief introduction

The introduction can be anything you like. It’s just there to say hello and inform us of who you are.


You just need to apply to our server using the form below. Once the process has started, we’ll worry about the rest.

Despite the server’s theme, this is not a place for kids to run around and do whatever they like. It is run by adults primarily for other members of our community. We won’t prohibit entry based on age, but we reserve the right to do so based on maturity.


Application form

Your Minecraft name (required!)

Your preferred class (required!)

Your email (optional but recommended)

Copy-paste this below: Liquestria Application


Note that we read the applications and manually approve them, so after you apply it may take up to 24 hours before you can play (usually far less).


Once in a while, we would make exceptions to the age-and-maturity tenet. Someone would come along with an application that read something like,

  • hello i am MyLittlePWNY187 and i am a little new to MC i have watched videos on it for a year but the actuall playing is still new to me i know a lot about it and also i dont and am really…


  • hello my name is PonyRhys AKA twilightflash224 and i am a brony just became one about 3 days ago and i would like to join ur server


  • I instantly fell in love with the show and my favorite character, Fluttershy, whom I share many traits with. I’ve taken a personality test on and was ecstatic when I got her as my top result. I have a girlfriend, who…

…and while we’d initially ignore or decline them, still they would linger. Slowly – subtly – they would begin to seem plausible. So they’re a bit immature, we would say. We can put up with that, and hey, maybe they’ll make some nice things. And indeed, they would seem attentive as we told them the rules. Then they would seem understanding when we informed them about basic Minecraft etiquette. And then, a week later, when we would finally give them build permissions fucking immediately they would steal shit from the chests of other players.

Word of advice to other server administrators, from 5 years of experience: Don’t make exceptions. They don’t need your patience and guidance, they need puberty.