Server update for February 2016

Hi folks, Cane here with a server update.

I keep forgetting to update the website. Every day some minor changes and additions are made, and it’s hard to know when I have enough goodies to justify a post. And then I, uh, forgot. For about a year.

So here is a mostly complete list of things that have been updated recently.

Derpy fixing the repair plugin

Client Pack Update

First, we did some minor tweaks to the resource pack — current version: v0.20h. Note again that this is entirely optional, and you can connect to the server just fine with a vanilla Minecraft client.

Library courtyard


Classes have been updated. Here are a few examples:

Minecraft Update: Earth Pony

Earth Ponies

  • Earth Ponies now take less damage globally
  • Earth Ponies now deal more damage globally
  • Breaks ore blocks much faster
  • Appleseed tweaked, greatly increased drop rate
  • Backpack has once again changed (is anyone really surprised)
Minecraft Update: Unicorn


  • Runecrafting and Farbuild removed due to bugs
    Note: These will likely return once the bugs have been fixed
  • Fun spells added
    • Absorb, Chainfire, Fireball, Lavaspout,
      Invisibility, Shadowstep, Translocator
Minecraft Update: Pegasus


  • Pegasi no longer take fall damage
  • Lighting Bolt tweaked
  • “Carpet” ability removed due to a massive bug
  • Wind ability added: pick up blocks from much further away
  • Can now harvest glowstone without silk touch
  • Pegasus artifact added: Windshears
Minecraft Update: Zebra


  • Can poison all targets now, including undead
  • Slightly reduced damage taken
  • Fun spells added:
    • Radiance, AoE heal over time
    • Food, Utility spell that reduces hunger
Minecraft Update: Griffon


  • Griffons no longer take fall damage
  • Evasion added: Chance to dodge almost any attack
  • Trait fixed: Griffons now properly take zero poison damage
  • Multishot fixed, now has a much more natural spread


New features

The plugins and scripts page has undergone a massive update and upgrade, and it now contains all of the global plugin information players need to use just about everything on our server. The list below is just a copy-paste from that section, with anything that has been added recently.

Custom recipe added: Item Frame

Minecraft recipes: Item Frame
Item Frame
  • Allblock
    Command: /ab, /allblock

    In Minecraft, Minecraft Script - Allblock: Torch certain blocks have some placement limitations. Redstone can’t be placed on glass, trap doors need adjacent blocks, flowers and mushrooms require grass or dirt, etc. Allblock removes or loosens these restrictions.

    Understandably, it accomplishes this through shenanigans. It is not flawless and it has limitations, so we recommend you play with it off in most circumstances.

    The script is currently undergoing revision. Only trap doors and torches are supported.

  • Artifact
    Type: Item

    Minecraft Script - Windshears Artifact is a whole new set of enchanted items with custom effects, spells, powers, and abilities. These items are connected to monster drop tables or found as rewards for doing quests, and in some cases Unicorns can forge them if they have the necessary reagents and have learned the prerequisite spells. The Artifact system is a work-in-progress (in fact, it is one of the primary new features of Liquestria coming up in 2016), and we are constantly working on it.

    Once the Artifact system is nearing completion, we will set up a whole page for it, detailing how you can acquire these items and where. Until then, hope you get lucky with some good random drops from mobs. (Hint: It’s rare.)

    If you wish to create your own artifact (Soulbound to you, with effects unique to your avatar), talk to us in-game. We’ll help you get started.

  • Audio Atmosphere System
    Type: Event

    The Audio Atmosphere System adds custom sounds and music to the game world. Players who download the Liquestria Client Pack will hear atmospheric music and sounds as they move about, and they can play these songs at will from inside the game client.

    Players who do not wish to hear these sounds and music files can disable them completely. Under Options -> Music & Sounds, lower the Jukebox/Noteblocks volume to 0%. If you do not have the appropriate resource pack, you will not hear anything.

  • Jukebox
    Command: /jukebox, /music

    This command can access the Audio Atmosphere System and play any sound or music file from it. There is a variety of music including Smile Song and Art of the Dress from the cartoon, A Walk down the Trail for its connection with The Circle of Friends, Moon Theme Remastered for its obvious Luna reference, and many more.

  • Lanterns
    Command: /l

    The Lanterns feature lets the player assign timed light sources which turn on or off depending on the time of day. Every light source (Torch, Redstone Torch, Redstone Lamp, Pumpkin, Glowstone, Sea Lantern, and Beacon) can be a Lantern, and each Lantern can activate or deactivate at a different time of day.

    First, type /l, /lantern, or /lanterns to receive the Lantern Rod. Once you are holding the item, you can right-click to change between different modes. The following modes are supported:
    Minecraft Script - Lantern Rod

    1. Dusk – Midnight
    2. Dusk – Dawn
    3. Midnight – Dawn
    4. Dawn – Dusk
    5. Dawn – Midnight
    6. Removal Mode

    After you have selected a mode, left-click any light source to add it as a Lantern. Once a light source has been added, it will turn on and off at the appropriate time of day based on what mode you had selected. If you left-click an existing lantern, its mode will be updated.

    When a light source has been added as a Lantern, it can no longer be broken by players. Players must first use Removal Mode to clear the Lantern before they can break the block.

  • Moon Cannon
    Type: Event

    Minecraft Script - Moon CannonIt does what you think it does.

    The Moon Cannon is a particular contraption which is prepared whenever a member of society has betrayed the republic  broken a holy promise  committed a crime sufficiently bored or annoyed Princess Luna.

    It is a fully functional* cannon which rockets people into space at the behest of Luna, Princess of the Night and Ruler of the Lunar Republic (may we wander eternally in her garden of shadows).

    *by Minecraft standards


Coming up next

This was a good update. Now that all of the important features are working 100%, plugin and script development will slow down a bit going forward while we work on certain builds around Liquestria. The main roads still haven’t been built yet, and a lot of buildings from the old world need to be brought over. We will focus on new constructions for a while rather than new plugin or race features, unless someone requests a particular tool that we do not currently have.

I also want to figure out why the bullet next to “Allblock” on the list above was moved all the way to the right side of the page, but if you think I’m typing this section up against just to fix that bug you are out of your goddamned mind.

The next several posts will likely be designer showcases, where we show off buildings made by some of the players we’ve had over the years. First on the list will be ZodaSoda, who drops by once every couple of years to construct something cool and then leaves again. After that, well, we’ll see.

That’s it for this update. May you all have a wonderful year. ♥


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