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It has been very problematic setting WordPress up properly. Lots of problems with apache2, required symlinks, .htaccess being a pain, file ownership being a pain…

Seriously, conflicts can die in a bus fire.
I think I see where the server went!

But we’re setting things up nicely, and here’s what we’re doing.

Once the server goes live, the blog will be used primarily for showcasing builds on the server. We’ll upload news, sure, but mostly we’ll have a regular userbase of subscribers and creators who post screenshots of builds, videos, and general media.

We’ll have a stress test period before the server goes live, with the server set to a whitelist. People from #tlponies will be whitelisted on request; other people will unfortunately have to wait.

We’re going to be launching without full functionality. “Mine Little Pony” has not updated to 1.8 yet, so we don’t have the pony models. The Artifact system I have been coding will be delayed, which includes most of the expanded PvE content (drop tables, unique items, special monsters, instanced dungeons). These things will be set up on a test server and then uploaded at a later date. The priority now is in launching so that people can start building and having fun.

If you want to help us test things ahead of time, contact me in #tlponies. I can set you up with access pretty soon.


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