• ZodaSoda's house, a creation from the old world
    ZodaSoda's house, a creation from the old world


A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-themed survival server
Minecraft 1.8.8 | PvM / Build | Custom | Classes & Races

Server IP: www.liquestria.net

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Minecraft since 1.0.0! These are the builders of Liquestria

Minecraft since 1.0.0

Liquestria has a long pedigree. Over the past four years(!), our few but dedicated builders have made our worlds great. From the Valley of the Moon to the Lunar Cathedral, from the eastern Neighpon to the Archipelago University, the years have been kind to our little community. It’s a persistent project available to those of you who want to scratch that particular Minecraft itch in a social environment.

Races of Liquestria: Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Zebra, and Griffon.

Races & Classes

You can play as one of five visually and mechanically distinctive races in Liquestria — Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Zebra, or Griffon. All five offer additional skills and attributes unique to their respective classes on top of the complete vanilla Minecraft experience.

Read the Races & Classes section for more information.


Liquestria is a Multiverse Minecraft server -- Liquestria, Everfree, Griffonstone in The Eyrie, The Moon, and more.


With nine interconnected worlds (and counting), Liquestria always has a variety of projects. From the primary showcase world of Liquestria, to the vast survival freebuild world Everfree, to the cloud world Cirrus, and to the great mountains of the Griffon’s homeland of The Eyrie, this server was built to cater to most of the tastes of our #tlponies community.

Some of the worlds are very recent, and not much love and attention has been given them just yet. They are there as blank slates, a place for people who want to start a new project. Hopefully, we have something for just about everyone.

Custom Minecraft scripts and plugins make Liquestria a bit different.

Uniquely customized

Most of the code that defines our extended classes and races system was written from scratch specifically for Liquestria. Our players come to us with concerns or ideas for abilities and skills, and if at all possible we try to find a way to make those ideas work. This system gets added to all the time, so it’s not uncommon to wake up one morning and discover that you can now move creepers with your mind.

This does mean that we put a greater emphasis on fun than we do on balance. We deemed this to be a justifiable sacrifice if it meant you could throw a giant glowing sphere of energy that explodes into electricity.


The Liquestria Client Pack contains a customized Minecraft Resource Pack as well as various optional client mods which enhance the functionality and atmosphere of the game world.

Client Mods & Atmosphere

Our optional client pack download improves the server experience greatly. It features optional atmospheric sounds and music, a colourful and vibrant remix of the classic John Smith Legacy resource pack, easy-to-install shaders, and a few client mods which improve server accessibility. There will be several versions of each pack available (with and without music), and you can grab whichever one suits your tastes or needs.

Liquestria is nevertheless fully playable on a vanilla Minecraft client, and we take care to keep ourselves compatible and comparable. We want everyone to be able to connect, regardless of system.

Derpy Hooves fixes a little problem with the host machine.

Reliable Server & High Uptime

Our server is a strong German-built machine. Our technician is a strong German-born systems administrator. It would be a bit intimidating if they weren’t on our side.

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Minecraft album: Click for a gallery of creations made by residents of Liquestria.
Minecraft album: Click for a gallery of creations made by residents of Liquestria.

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